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Thursday, 18 January 2018
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Contact Details for this local
Name Position Email Phone Fax
CWA Local 3250 (770) 242-8370
Roy Hegenbart President 770-242-8370 770-242-9450
Audrey Jackson Executive Vice President 770-242-8370 x506 770-242-9450
Barbara Tolbert Secretary/Treasurer 770-242-8370 x503 770-242-9450
Doug Williams Vice President 770-242-8370 x505 770-242-9450
Bonnie Coates Vice President 770-242-8370 x502 770-242-9450
Mitchell Gibson Vice President 770-242-8370 x504 770-242-9450
Tyrone Tyler Mobilization Chair 770-242-8370 x565 770-242-9450
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