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Thursday, 22 February 2018
Vice President Election Results
Friday, 07 August 2015
Here are the results of the Election for Vice President – 51 Peachtree Center Ave and 575 Morosgo Drive. This count was supervised by the US Department of Labor



Total Ballots Cast                                      209

          Ballots Void                                        2

          Unresolved Challenged Ballots          6

          Total Ballots Counted                       201


The breakdown of votes are as follows:


Candidates                                                 Votes

Enna Anderson-Hall                                   36

Virginia Bellamy                                        37

Felicia Bradshaw                                          6

Bonnie Coates                                            84

Glenda Poindexter                                      38

Total Votes                                                201   


There will be a run-off between Bonnie Coates and Glenda Poindexter.


In Unity,



David Bagner

Election Chair





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