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Thursday, 22 February 2018
Monday, 11 April 2016

Many of our active and retired Members are also Shareholders. We need you to send a message to the Board of Directors that we do not agree with the way they are leading this Company. We can do that with our votes for the Shareholders meeting April 29, 2016, being held in Billings, Montana.


Some of our Locals will be there in person. Even if by some miracle we have settled our Contract by then, District 3 (AT&T Southeast) will be preparing to bargain.

So - vote your Proxy Now!

#1: Management proposal for Individual Directors  - VOTE CONSCIENCE

#2: Management proposal to approve Ernst & Young as Auditor - VOTE AGAINST

#3: Advisory Approval of Executive Compensation (#3 on proxy) - Management proposal to ask that shareholders approve the pay and the method of paying total 5 executives in company - VOTE AGAINST

#4: Approval of 2016 Incentive Plan (#4 on proxy) – Management plan  replaces 2011 Incentive Plan. Plan permits company to reward managers with equity and cash awards. Company expects top 7,000 managers to be eligible. Plan authorizes issuance of 90 million shares over a 10-year period. – VOTE AGAINST

#5: Political spending report (#5 on proxy) – Proposal from Domini Social Equity Fund requests that company produce a report every six months on political expenditures-direct expenditures and indirect (through trade associations). Report should include the amounts given and recipients. Report should also disclose the names and titles of those in AT&T who authorized payment. Report does not need to include expenditures on lobbying. – VOTE FOR

#6: Lobbying report (#6 on proxy) – Proposal from Walden Asset Management requests that company produce an annual report on lobbying policy-direct, indirect (through trade associations) and grassroots lobbying communications. Report should also include direct and indirect expenditures as well as payments to grassroots organizations. In this report AT&T should disclose membership in any organization that produces model legislation. The report should detail decision making process on why expenditures made and why company decided to affiliate with other organizations. – VOTE FOR

#7: Independent board chairman(#7 on proxy) – Proposal from unknown shareholder requests that the Chair be an “independent” member of the Board-in other words, not employed by AT&T. This proposal gets a high percentage from institutional shareholder because it curbs conflicts of interest. Both the Council of Institutional Directors and Calpers recommend independent board chairs. – VOTE FOR

Ask the board to create a policy whereby some minimum amount of Shareholder votes could call for a Shareholders meeting to discuss items of interest to Shareholders.

Join the fight. Mobilize for FAIRNESS.
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