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Thursday, 22 February 2018
Your Vote Is Your Voice
Wednesday, 27 September 2006
Election day is Tuesday November 7, 2006 and is fast approaching. If you are not a registered voter or require an absentee ballot or just need general information, you can obtain it by accessing your state on

Please plan to vote on Election Day and now is the time to consider your planned time to vote. The 2005 CWA/AT&T Agreement sets forth the language for requesting time off to participate in Election Board Service and for Voting in a National, State, County or Municipal general election.
Election Board Service-
Article 20.3.(b) Page 37
(b) Election Board Service
An employee who requests an absence to serve on an election board in connection      with a Federal, State, County, or Municipal election shall ordinarily be excused with pay for the scheduled days during the period the employee serves and deductions from pay for such absence shall be made only when in the opinion of the Company the circumstances in a particular case make such action advisable.
Article 20.3.(c) Page 37
(c) Voting
Subject to service and coverage conditions and the provisions of applicable state laws, and employee who is scheduled to work and who is eligible to vote in a National, State, County or Municipal general election shall, upon request, be excused with pay for a reasonable period on such election day to enable the employee to vote; provided, however, that the Company shall specify the period during which such an employee will be excused. 
Contact your supervisor and notify the Company that you plan to participate in this years’ general election on Tuesday November 7, 2006.
Your vote is your voice, make it count.
In Unity,
Roy Hegenbart
President/Local 3250

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